Matthew Hulse's Dojo Bread recipe


What a great morning we had with Matthew from Dojo Bread in Braidwood. Matthew was not only an entertaining speaker, but also inspired us with his passion for bread and the bread making process. 

Dear Fiona,

Thank you very much for letting me make bread with your garden club members.  Following are some notes for the bread we made. You may send this on to anyone who wants some notes. 


  • 500 g Strong Bakers Flour
  • 350ml warm water
  • 10g salt
  • 5g fresh yeast
  • 5g of Olive Oil

NOTE: high protein bakers flour is crucial for success.


MIX: Flour in first. Water on top to keep dust down. Weigh up all ingredients so none are forgotten. Use warm water when mixing by hand or with low intensity mixer. Follow equipment directions. Try delay salt and fat, mix to 28 degrees C. Think “smooth and elastic”. Too wet, too dry and just right. Too hot, too cold and just right!!

FERMENT: 3 hours. Do not knock back. Keep in warm spot. In a tub to prevent skinning. Doubled in size is a good guide.

WEIGH UP: roll 80-120 g, small loaf 550g, large loaf is 1kg of dough

MOULD: Stretch drum on top, seam down the bottom. “Rounding up” is the basic technique. Two rounds in a tin is a high top. Leave as a cob. Or roll into a vienna loaf. To make a plait or a stick roll into a “sausage”.

PROVE: in a warm moist area protect dough from skinning. When dough does not return from finger poke it is very ready! Also “double” in size is a good guide.

BAKE: 180 is cold- 260 is too hot. Pre heat hot as can, drop temp for last half of bake. Thermal mass is good, steam or water spray for crust.

COOL: remove from tin and cool on wire rack.

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