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Born and bred in Australia, this dwarf lime is sensational. As a non-grafted variety this lime fruits from a young age and has leaves that are a lot smaller than the traditional lime.

I love my citrus plants in pots, close to the kitchen. Not only do they make a great feature with fruit, also when they are flowering they look gorgeous.

The beauty of growing these limes in a pot means that they can be used in many areas such as patios, courtyards, or balconies.

Limes have a long history around the world and are known for their great nutrition value. They are high in vitamin C, dietary fiber, calcium, iron, and copper while being low in sodium.

Limes with their high vitamin C levels and antibiotic properties are a natural way to assist with the prevention of gum disease, ease bacterial infections, and colds. Even Captain Cook was insistent that limes were a major part of the ships provisions on every voyage he made and as a result it is said that he never lost a single sailor to scurvy. This is where British sailors became known as “Limeys”.

Lime juice is also great diluted as a cleaning product. If your teapot has calcium deposits or brown tannin stains, dilute some lime juice and leave in the teapot overnight. With all of the wonderful uses that limes have, they are a must in any garden.

Come in and see the new Sublime Lime today and pop one in a pot for your home, you’ll love it.

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