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Sometimes living, as we do with neighbours close by, a little privacy in our backyards can be difficult to get. Well Rodney has the solution for you, feature walls for outdoor living.

Here we dicuss two fabulous hedging plants that offer all the privacy you need with the added bonus of a living wall that will look great.

Pittosporum Screen Between

Pittosporum Screen Between is a gorgeous naturally compact hedge plant that requires little trimming to stay in shape. With a height of 2.5m and a width of 1.5m you will have a dense compact hedge in no time.

With a natural self-branching habit and a mass of silver grey rounded leaves, Screen Between can be used in a variety of areas, maybe you want to separate part of the garden with a feature wall? Screen Between will create a fabulous backdrop in any garden.

Screen Between can also be pruned to particular shapes, heights, and widths to suit any area of the garden. Plant in full sun with well-drained soil and fertilise through spring to autumn for the best growth.

Photinia Black Jack

Photinia Black Jack is an amazing evergreen plant can grow 3 to 4m in height or you can prune to whatever height you desire.

Black Jack has the most amazing dark maroon/purple nearly black leaves on it’s new growth and a contrast of deep glossy green on it’s older growth, the colours are a standout and look amazing in the garden. A frost hardy and drought tolerant plant that is perfectly suited to the Canberra climate grows in full sun and can be pruned to any shape. Pruning Black Jack will help promote the new growth of the darker colour for contrast on your hedge.

Screening can be so easy and with both the Pittosporum Screen Between and Photinia Black Jack, they are both fast growing hardy plants that will establish a hedge fairly quickly. Regular feeding, and pruning for shape will encourage new growth, as well as deep watering throughout the drier months. Come in and see the options for a hedge at the nursery now.

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