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Tomatoes, the love apple

Posted on 5th Oct 2011 @ 1:06 PM

Tomatoes, the love appletomato-tommy-toe.jpeg

To eat a homegrown tomato is a little bit like biting into sunshine. The taste of a tomato from your garden is absolutely delicious and you’ll wonder how you could ever eat one from a supermarket again. Tomatoes are unbelievably easy to grow, so read on and get ready for your own bite of sunshine.

Growing Tomatoes

Tomatoes are such an easy plant to grow. They can be planted in the veggie garden, in a pot, or even in that convenient spot near the back door, all you need is some sunshine, good compost or if planting into a pot, good quality potting mix and your away. I know people who fuss and flutter over their tomato plants, but for people like myself who are of the school, plant it with great compost mixed into the soil, (use something like moo poo), make sure it’s staked or you can buy tomato cage, so it has something to support it’s self on when all of those gorgeous tomatoes start fruiting and then keep up the water. If you are going to plant in a pot then the same applies but you would use a great quality potting mix like terracotta and tub, which has slow release fertilizers and water crystals. In the growth and fruiting period, watering with a liquid fertilizer like seasol every week or fortnight, will promote fantastic fruiting. My children love picking the tommy-toe tomatoes and eating them on the spot, as they are juicy and sweet and look delicious. Try growing your own tomatoes this year and be prepared to fall in love.

Tommy Toe

One of the best tomatoes for families, with prolific fruiting all over the bush, these are great tomatoes for encouraging little ones to eat them. You will have non-stop tomatoes that are fabulous for salads, frittatas, or even our fish pie recipe in this newsletter. So easy to grow and will also do extremely well in a pot. Regular liquid fertilizer applications will keep you supplied with tomatoes for months.


As one of the earliest tomatoes to fruit, and enhanced disease resistance, Apollo is a winner in any garden. With high yielding globe shaped, fruit with superb flavour, Apollo has a great variety of uses in the kitchen and really is full of flavour. Planting in the garden or a pot is fine for this beauty, though really needs to be staked or within a tomato cage to help support the huge amounts of fruit. Liquid fertilizer once a week will keep you reaping tomatoes for months

Truss Tomatoes

Truss tomatoes are now a popular way to buy tomatoes at the supermarket, so why not grow your own instead? Super sweet and easy to grow, truss tomato’s can be used in many ways. I like to take my truss tomatoes and leave them still attached to their vine and pop them in a slow oven and roast them, when they have softened sprinkle them with some balsamic vinegar, sea salt and pepper and serve with crusty bread. You will need to stake your truss tomatoes and keep them fertilized with a liquid fertilizer, maybe plant them with some basil to help keep the insects away as well as instant ingredients for bruschetta.