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Tuesday Talks

Tuesday Talks start at 10.00am and is a great morning of learning and socialising while having a delicious complimentary Devonshire tea. 

We are currently finalising our Tuesday Talks for 2018 and will load the details onto this page once they become available.

2018 Talks


  • 21st August – Fragrance and Colour through Winter – Don’t let the grey of winter seep into your garden. We can show you how to have spring colour and gorgeous fragrance throughout your garden, keeping it bright and beautiful.


  • 11th September – Spring has Sprung – Come and find out what we should be doing to get the garden ready for spring. From vegetables, herbs, flowers and shrubs we will show you the best performing plants that will bring your garden to life throughout spring.
  • 25th September – Amazing Azaleas – Find out how these amazing plants can create structure, colour and shape through out the garden. With their easy care and low maintanance life, Azaleas are a true treasure.


  • 9th October – Climbing the wall – Find out how climbing plants can create a screen, backdrop, or secret room in the garden. Want to soften an ugly fence or wall? Great for privacy on balconies and small spaces, as well as also creating quiet protected places in the garden.
  • 23rd October – The veggie patch – All you need to know about growing and creating a successful crop of vegetable. We will give you great advice on growing some of our favourite vegetables like tomatos, cucumbers, peas and carrots as well as some of the more unusual vegetables.


  • 13th November - Rise of the citrus – We want to give you first hand knowledge in growing citrus successfully. Let us answer all the questions you have and we will give you the answers to some of those old wives tales, like….should I wee on the soil around my lemons????
  • 27th November – Picnics and food in jars – Lu and Fiona are getting ready for summer picnics and creating easy food ideas from the garden for delicious sunny day picnics.


  • 11th December - Christmas get together – Join us for our open forum and Christmas party.  Relax with a special morning tea and mingle with the staff while we answer any nitty gritty questions you may have. 


Previous Talks


  • 20th Feb – Crepe Myrtles 101 – everything you need to know about choosing, growing and caring for this fantastic flowering favourite.


8th March – Hanging Basket design – Learn how to create your own hanging gardens of Babylon with creative design using all types of plants in hanging baskets with thrillers, fillers and spillers.
22 March – Winter Vegetables and Herbs – Its that time of year where we get ready to plant our winter crops. Come and find out what to plant for cold hardiness in your kitchen garden.
  • 6th March – Discover a whole new world of exotic bulbs as well as the how to and where to for plantingand caring for them. With stunning peony tulips that are striking and look like a gorgeous peony rose, through to woodland bulbs for carpets of flowers and not forgetting new and exotic daffodils of different colours and styles.
  • 20th March – How Green is your lawn? Let us give you all the tips and tricks for a gorgeous lawn, now that we are in one of the best times to get your lawn looking amazing.


  • 10th April – Winter Vegetables and Herbs – Its that time of year where we get ready to plant our winter crops. Come and find out what to plant for cold hardiness in your kitchen garden.
  • 24th April - Hedges and Edges - How to create structure either informal or formal through the garden with a great range of hedging and edging plants.


  • 8th May – Fabulous Foliage - Creating layers of colours and shades using foliage to give a gorgeous palette of colour within the garden.
  • 22nd May – Soothing Soup - With winter approaching and winter vegetables in abundance join Lu and Fee in creating delicious soups that will keep you warm, while using vitamin packed vegies.


  • 19th June – The art of Espaliar and potted fruit trees – You don’t need acres of paddocks to grow fabulous fruit. We will show you how to grow your own delicious, healthy fruit from balconies to back yards in containers and also the art of espaliar for a really show stopping feature.


  • 17th July – Roses – How to prune, plant and pick the right one. Watch how to prune your roses for the best blooms as well as tips and tricks on planting and how to pick the right rose for the right area.