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Tuesday Talks

Tuesday Talks start at 10.00am and is a great morning of learning and socialising while having a delicious complimentary Devonshire tea. 


  • 18th July – Roses – How to prune, plant and pick the right one. Watch how to prune your roses for the best blooms as well as tips and tricks on planting and how to pick the right rose for the right area.


  • 15th August – Glorious orchids and flowering indoor plants – Think it’s hard to grow orchids? Let us show you the easy way to grow and maintain orchids as well as other amazing flowering plants for indoors.


  • 12th September – The Birds, Butterflies, and Bees – We want to show you how you can have an amazing pollinator garden in only a few simple steps. 
  • 26th September – Azalea and Rhododendrons for the Canberra garden. With a climate that is perfect for azaleas and rhododendrons, we will show you how to use these fabulous plants as backdrops, features, and mass plantings in the garden.


  • 10th October – No Plot No Problem – How to grow fruit, vegetables, and salad plants without a vegetable garden.
  • 24th October – The beauty of succulents – Is it possible that a single plant, let alone an entire plant family, can thrive on neglect, thumb its nose at water, and be a beautiful aesthetic in the garden?


  • 14th November – Water and water lilies as a garden feature – We will show you how to position, style and plant out a water feature in your garden.
  • 28th November – From the plot to the plate – Lu and Fiona will be cooking up a storm with fresh produce from the garden and giving you ideas of what to do with your bounty.


  • Our annual Christmas Party – A chance to sit, chat and mingle with the staff and ask any questions you may have.


Previous Talks



  • 14th Feb – Citrus 101 – Come along and learn the tips and tricks of citrus growing with Rodney. What to grow, where to grow, and how to grow.
  • 28th Feb – It’s hot in the kitchen with Lu and Fiona – Let us show you some of our favourite recipes using chillies from the garden.


8th March – Hanging Basket design – Learn how to create your own hanging gardens of Babylon with creative design using all types of plants in hanging baskets with thrillers, fillers and spillers.
22 March – Winter Vegetables and Herbs – Its that time of year where we get ready to plant our winter crops. Come and find out what to plant for cold hardiness in your kitchen garden.
  • 14th March – Indoor Plants for Healthy living – Learn about the benefits of indoor plants and how to use them to maximum effect in the house as well as keeping them healthy and happy.
  • 28th March – Designing with bulbs in containers – Have you ever seen those beautiful photos in magazines, of bulbs in gorgeous pots and bowls looking stunning? Let us teach you how to design the perfect bulb planting that will be magazine worthy.


  • 11th April – Climbers, creepers and crawlers – We want to give you all the know how on how to and where to using creeping, climbing and crawling plants in your garden.


  • 9th May – Camellias 101 – Stunning camellias can be used in so many ways in the garden. Let us show you everything about camellias from growing, to caring for them, using them as features, hedges, part of a mass planting or espaliering and for choosing the right camellia for your area.
  • 23rd May – Will it Rot? - Composting 101 – We want to show you the best way to make gorgeous compost for your garden, so you can have a sustainable source of fabulous planting material as well as making compost teas for your garden.


  • 13th June – Fabulous fruits – You don’t need acres of paddocks to grow fabulous fruit. We will show you how to grow your own delicious, healthy fruit from balconies to back yards.