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Rodney's Plants Plus

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Children's Party Menu

Minimum of 10 people

Triangle sandwiches (2 triangles per person)

Ham and cheese; Egg and lettuce or ham and tomato (minimum of 5 sandwiches per flavor)

Fairy bread triangles

Mini sausage rolls

Chocolate crackles

Mini pizzas

Ham and pineapple or cheese and tomato

Yoghurt battered fish pieces

Mini quiches (minimum 10 quiches per flavor)

Bacon and cheese or mushroom, cheese and onion


Slice fingers

Chocolate brownie; caramel slice; apricot and coconut slice

Choose 4 items above for $12.50 per person

Choose 5 items above for $15 per person

Choose 6 items above for $17.50 per person



Bowl of chips $8

Large fruit platter $50

Orange juice; Apple juice or lemonade $7 per jug

Lemonade spiders $4 each

Kids milkshakes $4 each


All food is handmade with care on the premises and only the best ingredients are used for your little ones!